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I got an idea, and I thought that everyone that comes to my site should have their own character. I’m guessing right now your saying. “That’s impossible?” Well it’s not. I can create your own character. You will have to look like Dan, Marucho, Shun, Runo or Mascarade. They can be different colors though. It makes them look totally different! So leave a comment saying what you want it to look like + your username and poof! I will make it. I can also make your own bakugan. Leave a comment if you want that too. Here are some that I made-                                          
My Bakugan – Ventus Thrasher ventus-thrasher.png  



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  2. Hey orlando, i don’t understand what, “Black mascarade” Means. Does it mean that you want yours to look like mascarade and everything is black on it?

  3. I want to make a bakugon

  4. make drago a lavabeast

  5. i want to be a darketh

  6. I want to look like masquarade but have all my clothes black and my bakugan dark ultimate version of drago and all the powers of drago plus dark powers

  7. I like this show alot

  8. this show is the best show ever made. From John Hall

  9. Nicholas, we’ll need you to be more specific

  10. where do you make your bakugon and charecter if you could i was wondering abaout a pruple maquarade and a greenn and purple fear riper thnk you

  11. exoyo, i cant make you a fear ripper. I can only make the humans dan, masquarade, runo, alice, shun, marucho, and julie

    i can only make the bakugan, tigress, drago, predator, gorem, phoenix, and masquarades.

  12. Make my character lokk like dan.And u can pick my a bakugan.pick any bakugan.

  13. What colors?

    What Element/attribute?

  14. I want mine to look like Dan, have black with gray pockets on the shirt, and any element except haos. And I want my bakugan to be a Drago.


  15. red and black fire element

  16. and either black or brown hair

  17. lightnin,
    what program do you use to make these pictures?

  18. Nope, i used

  19. no, to change the colors

  20. Ok im confused how do you do it?

  21. i want to make a bakugan

  22. i want a mascarade with a black shirt white pants and every thing else the same and a black silver and white color formm of drago (haos element)

  23. able to trasform into any bakugon p.s. sweet website

  24. could you really make a bakugon to battle with like my REAL drago

  25. I will make a bakugon battle brawler

  26. could you make a new element

  27. sure I could make a new elemant. What would you want it to be?

  28. a runo same colors with a hoas tigarra or just her tigerra

  29. a runo with red hair and red eyes.
    i would like my bakugan to be a new element also.
    new element: lightning
    color:yellow with white markings
    Thank You

  30. could my dragonoid have red eyes?
    Thank You

  31. I want a pyrress tigress

  32. i dont want 1 now

  33. i want my bakugan to be drago and i want my character to look just like dan with pyrus bakugan

  34. Make a darkos Draganoid And reaper for my friend

  35. I want myself to be dan except with ( dark) Blue jcket and (dark) blue pants (like litnin64’s one) and his shirt and gloves to be yellow. My bakugan will be a storm skyress except a half aquos half ventus colour

  36. how do get it to work???????????

  37. i want my to look like Julie but with different clothes. and i want my bakugan to be to be dark.

  38. I want a blak and puple mascarade with a drkos peonix

  39. i want my bakugan to be a fusion of mantris & naga

  40. i want my bakugan to be a fusion of naga & dual hydranoid

  41. make me a fusion of red reaper, naga & exedora

  42. make me a fusion of red reaper, naga, exedora & the ultimate version of drago

  43. make me a fusion of red reaper, naga, exedora & the ultimate version of drago. i also want a masquerade with red hair and evil red eyes & have hal-g’s outfit

  44. i want my bakugan to be be like a grey and black reaper
    called death star

  45. i want my bakugan to be be like a grey and black golem
    called death star

  46. A black haired Runo With a blue and red outfir and a red dragonoid for a talking bakugon. I wanna have the fire types! yay fire!

  47. Can I please have a Marucho with pink glasses and everything else like him in the show . I want his Bakugan to be a black & purple Preyas.

  48. My brother want’s a Dan that is like the one one the show . He want’s a black & purple Delta Dragonoid ll.

    Thank you

  49. I would like a Maucho with pink glasses and then everything else like in the show . I want his Bakugan to be a black & purple Harpus .

  50. blue clothed shun and a aquos tigress

  51. iwould like to be like a dark dan.

  52. i like bakugan and i want my bakugan to look like blade tigrera and draginoid put to gether and can chang its color for my friend and murcho as my charactor

  53. i like bakugan and i want ma bakugan to look like blade tigrera and draginoid put to gether and can change its color

  54. i like bakugan and i want my bakugan to look like blade tigrera and draginoid and storm skyress put together and can change its color

  55. i want a charicter and a baukugaun

  56. make me look like dan but white

  57. i would like to mak murucho and his clothes all black and yellow

  58. Dude, I just checked in and read this. It sounds really awesome I want my character to Dan but His jacket and pants are Dark Black and his shirt is really really Dar Red. The Stripes is up to you. and as For my Bakugan I want a Ultimate Dragonoid.

  59. your doomed human

  60. I want be Shun with his normal colours and with his Bakugan Skytress.

    Sam said this on 8th July, 2008 at 2:34 pm.

  61. COOL

  62. Make a dakus Gorem and a blonde haired Dan with green jacket.

  63. I want a green, black and white Reaper

  64. And the Dan have green eyes(the blonde haired one).

  65. Oh, i forgot about the black gloves too.

    hope thats not too much.

  66. make a ventus reaper and a pyrus el condor

  67. i want a marucho with brown hair a green vest a yellow shirt red glasses peach skin and brown shorts

  68. i want a marucho with brown hair a green vest a yellow shirt red glasses peach skin and brown shorts and a green preyas

  69. can i make a new attribute new attribute:lava apperense:orange with peach stripes


  71. i cant make my on

  72. i want shun in fireus mode with skyrace in

  73. dont take my thing please

  74. Make a Ghost Serpiniod

  75. I want a mascarade with brown hair, red glasses and an orang suit

    My bakugan will be a subterra golem

  76. hi

  77. I want to look like runo with mint hair and tigrega in mint

  78. How d make a person

  79. How do i make a person


  81. hi

  82. yo!

  83. sup

  84. what you want to look like

  85. yo

  86. dan

  87. jbjb gfngbfjgbgdd bgdsfj ndf m n n b bb b b

  88. how do make an acc or do you have to? well how do you get your own char?

  89. oh, and i want a Masqurade even though he is a she without mask. But, how do you describe color? And when you say Masquerade’s bakugan do you mean Reaper or Hydranoid? Plz answer. PLZ

  90. I read comments now and i under stand now =’). So, i want a Masquerade with smae white jacket, blue pants blue hair, and same mask color. And if phoeix is Skyress, then i want a darkus one. Plz try to match this imformation. TY

  91. hey guys i wish i had a darkos pryus.

  92. I want shun in red.Pick my bakugan

  93. Hey

  94. the next person who sees this I NEED A BAKUBUDDY

  95. Oh and lightning what element r you

  96. I want a Dan with black hair, red goggle lenses, red gloves, black undershirt, and coat and pants just like yours holding a Naga Bakugan haos bakugan. and my goudian bakugan is a nga with a drage head. (naga colors)

  97. yo awsome sight
    i want a bakugan fear that is red and black and Dan to have red gloves red shirt black pants black jacket black hair and his goggles to be red

  98. Okay, I know that we havent made any yet, but i will starting now. First, Dan. I can’t give you a fear ripper so I’ll surprise you with your bakugan, okay.

  99. Okay, very very, very, very, very, very, very… VERY, bad news. The ability to make you all charecters is no longer availebale, untill further notice. So you can keep posting on this page. Just don’t expect anything. Sorry.

  100. Hey could you make a Dan with Blonde hair, green eyes, black jacket and green shirt and gloves.

  101. What happened then? Why can’t you?

  102. were do WE make our own caractor?

  103. i wanna be dan with blond hair, green jacket, light blue pants, ventus color scheme bakugan, orange shoes, and blue goggles

    PS: i know why! you “broke up” with BakuganBoy you traitor!!!!


  104. I wanna be black Masqurade withe the bakugan Dragonoid but be called Grymflame thanks

  105. i want a black Masqurade with a Hydronoid that uses the abtribute of the Silent Core

  106. I want murucho with black hair,red and black shirt with black shorts.My bakugan attribute will pyrus.The bakugan i want is preyas. good bye

  107. hai i can’t find a may to create where is it?

  108. i want some one battle me i live in door is called 622 38st live in house not arpartment. ps. one bakugan vs one bakugan because some of my bakugans are going to take long.

  109. i live temrline 622 38st sorry.

  110. timberline 622 38st sorry again

  111. if someone is going to fight me bring more bakugans if u want.

  112. if u only can make ower bakugan and brawler then i want dan black jacket,blue eyes,bakugan darkus.

  113. i wanna be shun with red t-shirt tan pants and brown hair pick my bakugan

  114. a tirerra

  115. i’m back to create bakugan.

  116. i want a bakugan that is dark dargo, and dan with black hair, black jacket, blue eyes, and the bakugans his holding darkus can you do that.

  117. bakugan is a preyus

  118. I want a shun with black hair and everything the same but not the same element Element:dark Type:Dragonoid,Storm Skyris colour:black Thank You

  119. I want a character like Shun when he’s wearing the ninja costume..and a White Drago o.o =)

  120. My name i s Ryan and here’s what i want it to be.A head just like dragonoid but a big blade instead of a horn and wings like skyress and two heads just the same and it can change its atrabute and its G power is 750 with a dragonoid body and its ventes

  121. i want julie with brown hair and green eyes wearing blue whatever she weares. i want my bakugan to be a aques dragonoid (special attack if possible) please

  122. hai tanner want to battle?

  123. I wanna be masqerade wit a black jacket and hair and my bakugan is a haos Hydranoid

  124. If anyone wants a request done, I could do it easily. I’m not sure if this will ever be open for requests again, but until it does, I could easily do these charries for you guys.

  125. And if you don’t believe me, take a look at my charrie.

    I use FotoFlexer, and I could finish the pics really fast. It takes me a few minutes to make mine.

  126. If anyone needs to contact me about these, go to

  127. is there a bakugan website for bakugan players?

  128. hi my name is james and i wanted to know if gakugan was going to be on nintendo ds light please emaile me about if its gonna be on nintendo ds soon

  129. anyone wanna battle

  130. how about a red haired Shun with black and red outfit.

  131. oh yeah almost forgot, and a black and red darkus phoenix

  132. this is a cool website

  133. bhese

  134. I think I can handle doing Alastor’s request, if that’s ok. With the people who were supposed to do these. When I finish these, I will put them on the “Request a Bakugan Character” page on my site. If you need to know which one it is, it is the first link on the Top Clicks list.

  135. everyone listen up this is very important if I made a bakugan game onine whould you guys play it?

  136. i like that one you did but the bakugan red

  137. i want that guy

  138. I will be dan with brown hair,blue pants, a red s hirt,and have a gold skyress.

  139. i want a masquerade thats gray with random details

  140. hi my name is jordan and i love bakugan.i want to be a mascarade with a black jacket,bagy jeans,a blue dragonoid siting on my sholder(a real one but much smaller),a sword on my back and a bit of bronze armor.i want my bakugan to be a blue dragonoid with bronze armor.i hope thats not to much!

  141. hiwats up

  142. If i could hanve a bakugon it would be a black and red dragon snake named histika.

  143. i want a a mascarade that has black hair and a dark blue jacket with black pants and a red mask(lenses)and Black rims on the outside of the mask

  144. i also want a shun black hair,dark orange jacket,white pants,and in his hand if you can i want a dark orange bakugan

  145. I also want a solid white skyress with green tips on his feathers

  146. last but not least i want a solid white normal hydranoid with black spikes

  147. This is retarted! you said that we were going to create our own Bakaugan!

  148. i want an aquos dan and drago

  149. make drago yello horned and give him a black belly and a brown tail and a blue head and green arms and white legs and an orange and red back

  150. hai can yone of you people to tell james in this website that bakugans are in the ds.

  151. so do you e-mail them to us?

  152. also if you can i want the shun behind the skyress and the mascerade behind the hydranoid and the 2 bakugan are brawling

  153. Okay, for the last time, I can’t do another one. I will try to find another way, but until further notice, uh-uh!

  154. Great news! I’m not sure if you know this, but I found another way to make characters. So go on and post some more charecters, and I may make it!

  155. charecter: masqerade
    username: bakuganrobot123
    bakugan:red horn dark body n grey eyes red chest

    and thnx

  156. How do i get them

  157. can you make dan kuso with dark purple clothing a black singlet blond hair and darkus bakugan I also want a duo headed darhus draganoid

  158. any1 know where 2 find a Ultimate Dragonoid or Infinity Dragonoid to buy??

  159. i want to be like masquerade my cape is black my hair is green my shoes are black my bakugan is a yellow naga

  160. i saw what you rode and i want a bakugan like yours but purpul and black and i want it to be calded dragon of darkness and i alredy createt a character so can you do it for me

  161. make me a commenet talking about what you want it to look like, and what bakugan you want, And if you’re lucky, I’ll make it happen!

  162. yo. I want mine to be a orange Marucho. with an aqaous skyress. My username will be we werock3

  163. I want a Masquerade all black outfit darkus drago darkus tigrerra darkus darkus juggernoid.

  164. i want to make a red runo

  165. and i want to make a gold preyes

  166. i want to make dan in baby blue

  167. since I have a haos reaper, I want to see it badly

  168. i want to look like shun but a red shirt and black pants and i whant my bakugan to be delta drago and he is going to be red

  169. and the same bakugan except they are ventus aquos subterra pyrus and gold with little diamonds.

  170. and all my dragos at 9000 gs

  171. and all my dragos at 9000 gs.

  172. i like all kind of bakugon type.

  173. hey i want a black clothed dan with a black skyris

  174. a black and white shun named Ekido and a black and white naga

  175. the naga is a silent infinity corrupt virus Naga

  176. make me a dan with black hair a black singlet a purple jacket darkus bakugan and black pants and for my bakugan pic a darkus dragonoid called ventunoid

  177. i love bakugan

  178. i want it to look like maskarade green

  179. i want hydraniod but green

  180. aqous repper aquos drago colr blue an black character marucho brown hair brown eyes skin tone brown

  181. make me a dan with black hair a black singlet a purple jacket darkus bakugan and black pants and for my bakugan pic a darkus dragonoid called ventunoid I said the wrong email

  182. it would be so cool if i can create my own bakugan beacause i never did it before

  183. i would really like to create my own bakugan that would be so cool

  184. I would like to look like Dan , but with a black jacket and white t-shirt on and for my pants I would like dark blue jean[pants].

    Iwould also like my bakugan to be exactly like drago except flaming white eyes,andblakc horn[sharp].

  185. i want one how can i make one

  186. I really want to join.

  187. where on can i make one

  188. please make me a shun with brown hair black pants and a red shirt with a white,yellow,and green. it’s getting sent to my dad’s email

  189. please make me a shun with brown hair black pants and a red shirt with a white,yellow,and green. it’s getting sent to my dad’s email

  190. i got a pyrus tuskor

  191. please make me shun a with brown hair and a black shirt and green pants and for my bakugan i would like a black and purple tigress darkus type p.s. this is going to my dad’s email account thank you

  192. i have 136 bakugans im not jokeing.

  193. i want my bakugan to be a lava beast

  194. I want my brawler to be like Dan but to have a mask, long black hair, and pyrus clothing, and an evolved form of hydranoyd, oh and leave me a messege.

  195. a blue julie, and I want a speicial attack power up pyrus evlution dragonoid.

  196. What is the site though

  197. but wht is the site

  198. i want fire dan mybe normal with a pyrus evolved delta drogonoid or a normal with gold parts.

  199. idk what ur doing so u take the caracters andchange the color of their out fits and shirts ok so i want a Dan with dirty blonde hair and blue black grey and white as my main colors

  200. and i want my bakugan to be a blue tigrera

  201. and a black dragonoid

  202. I want mine to be dan that look,s like mascarade. With all the types af bakugan attributes in one. I want my bakugan to look like nagga with all the types of attrabutes in him. Give him the sillent core and the infinedy core together aswell. Give my bakugan the name destractor.

  203. can i please have a marucho with green hair and black clothes and for my bakugan can i have a juggernaut with green skin with a black bottom mouth with a red shell if you can that would be excellent.

  204. I want mine to looke like dan with red and white shirt and jacket with a red under shirt. And Delta-Drago to be red and white as well.

  205. i want to be a green and black mascarade with a green and black dual hydronoid

  206. hey can you make a blue/white skytress and send it to

  207. could i have runo with black hair and pink and yellow for her clothes

  208. dan with brown hair black goggles black jaket and jeans with a green under shirt. with a black and purple drago

  209. you diddn’t reply to any of mine so cam i please have a Dan with black hair a black singlet purple jacket black pants and darkus bakugan and a darkus dragonoid please E-mail it to please.

  210. reverse the colors of dragos and dan make him wearing black and yellow

  211. dan i mean

  212. sratch out last comment”dan i mean”

  213. tippincoonthenet, i want a pyrus bakugan that has 100,000g’s plz pretty plz with a chrry on top!

  214. I want a Mascarade with all the bakugan attributes in his monster. Could he have everything black. I want he’s monster to be Naga with the silent and infinedy core and all the attributes make him have 1000,0000 g point’s.

  215. giv me the ultimate.

  216. When will moderation be over!?

  217. I want my character to look like he would be Dan’s identicale twin, but he would be wearing all black. He would have 25 Bakugan and he is such a genius that he creates his own Bakuban in the show. I want my #1 Bakugan to be a Bakugan called Infinitus Dragoniod. He would look like Dan’s Drago except he would be all black, have a snake head, and have infinity g’s. But on the Bakugan the g’s would look like an eight laying on its side, or an unknown symbol. Please if you can make the Bakugan I just told you about real and ship it to me as soon as you make it I would be so very much happy. So please can you make me the Bakugan I just told you about. Please, please, please, please, please!!!!!

  218. i want a punk runo plz

  219. oops change that to gorem for the bakugan hes cool!

  220. you rock


  222. i wanna be mascerade pure blue clothes and my bakugan to be normal hydrenoid

  223. black haired runo with red eys and gold shoes a silver fear ripper gold saurus thank you

  224. make a fusion with drago and the
    darkest reaper bakungan and make a mix of mascrade and blue hair
    and a green mask and a black jacket and red lenseses

  225. I’m Loving delta dragoniod

  226. i want mine to be Masqerade with black hair and i want him have a pyrus hydranoid and my user will be Baku8x.

  227. ah ah

  228. Make me a Dan with black hair and Daurkus bakugan.

  229. I want my character to look exactly like Dan but wearing all black. My Bakugan is a Darkus Bakugan called infinitus dragoniod with infinity g’s.My Bakugan looks like a Drago, but with a snake head. E-mail me and I’ll give you my address so you can mail me my Bakugan.

  230. I want my character to be named Mascarade. He looks like Dan but all black clothes. My Bakugan’s name is Infinitus Dragonoid. My Bakugan looks like Dan’s Drago but all black, has a snake head, is a Darkus Bakugan, and has infinity G’s.

  231. i want a red mascarade with a red hydranoind

  232. I would love to have a pink fluffy bacugan1

  233. pleas send me this bakugan… darkis infinite hidranoid

  234. I have a hydynoid 580g,pryus 400g,gorem 400g,fear riper 300g,stinglash 400g,griffon 300g,and soon I’ll get a mantis,sige,and tuskor,and I’m a darkus brawler.

  235. i want a skyrus, mostly green, a green dan, and a green draginoid delta ball form for both bakugan and battle form

  236. well, AWNSR ME!!!!!

  237. Hey i want to be david

  238. i love baakugan iwant alot of htem and the arena

  239. I wont a Purple and Red clothed Shun with back hair

  240. I wanna create a bakugan

  241. i can make my own

  242. Can you plese make me a dan kuso with blond hair a black singlet a purple top black pants and a darkus drago and his bakugan to also be darkus plese I have been waiting for ages

  243. My son is 6 and wants to have a halloween costume of the original Dan in his red outfit. Can you help us with this

  244. I wan’t my bakugan to be a aligator snaping turtle. I also wan’t its power level to be 1999 jeis. I wan’t spickes on it. And i wan’t its shell to be red, and its skin be brown. I wan’t it to be a main fighter, and have it win every time. I also wan’t it to be dan’s.

  245. I wan’t my bakugan to be a aligator snaping turtle, andit to its power to be 200,000 jeig and have its shell be red, and the skin be brown. I wan’t it to be a main fighter. I wan’t it to win every time. Make its name be trapazoid. I wan’t it to be dans.

  246. I want my character to look like Dan with black clothes, and red hair.

  247. My son is 6 and wants to have a halloween costume of the original Dan in his red outfit. Can you help us with this

  248. thats awsome guys! good job on those pictures!

  249. goo d nuffim jni oidvldij ildvki alex capraro

  250. i have 1 pyrus (dragonoid),i have 2 aqaus (laserman,and tigrera),i have 2 subbtera (gorem,and centiploid). i have 3 wind bakugan (dragonoid,falconeer,and fear ripper). and i have 1 darkus (spherponoid). ihave the belt and the pyrus belt clip.

  251. i also have the pyrus shooter!

  252. i want a wind skyrus with 1,000,000g’s

  253. i would like a new element:gold.I would have it colored gold with black stripes. and yellow eyes.the type that i would like is (dragonoid,skyress,and tigrera)

  254. how do i get one

  255. hey make mine a maskeraid with black glasses a new element ice like hoas and aqous i want my clothes like a blue and with ice on it and a juggernoid and a hydronoid ice only no DARKUS!!! LOL!!!!!!

  256. omg so cool

  257. hey i’m new to bakugon

    just call me bill440 and dan jacket blue hair blond
    pants green and a fear riper and a dragonaoidshirt red and glasses blue and yellow and maybe that bakugon that you have

  258. i forgot the space between the dargonaoid and shirt

  259. thanks battle brawler out

  260. I want to look like dan with brown hair and dans suit

  261. i want an yellow evloved dragonoid with 1050g’s plzzzzzzzzzz

  262. I want a bakugan like a wolf or like gorum and i would also like to look like dan. thanks

  263. i would like a bakugan like gorum or a wolf like one and one who looks like dan

  264. could u make me a red marsker aid and a black mantis?

  265. i want my dragonoid to be 1000,000gs pizs make it look cool please for a kid

  266. i dont care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  267. it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  268. I want a blue dragonoid.

  269. I want sharks in my back round.

  270. I want sharks in my back round

  271. I just want a bakugan, not a character.
    Color: Yellow
    Details: Pop Out arms, GNARLY teeth, and a crocodile Head

  272. i want black and gold drago thanks

  273. hey I am Tristan I want a character just like Dan but I want his clothes orange and his name is tris.I want a Drago that is orange and I want his name to be lightest Drago.That’s all

  274. i want a red and gold hydronoid

  275. I want a bakugan who is water and sub tera.My character would be…… Alice and my bakugan g’s would be 500’00000 gs plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  276. oh yeah and if you guys want my email it is kkk

  277. I would like to be shun.And a fire bakugan with 1000g’s please

  278. i want my bakugan to be naga 650 gs and my character to be shun but in pyrus colors all bakugan pyrus

  279. can I please have a bakugan I should look like dan in white blue and bakugan should be like darkus hydranoid

  280. can I please have a bakugan I should look like dan in white blue and bakugan should be like darkus hydranoid who should be white and black

  281. make me all the bakugons and make them fusin and all the colors

  282. I want my ba kugan to be a alligato snaping turtle. I want its power level to be 900,000 g’s. I want it to be Dans. I also want it to be a main fighter.

  283. I want mine to look like runo but have brown hair, pink and purple clothes, and green eyes.

  284. I want a black and white skyress. I want it to be called ‘Skyress’.

  285. hello how can i make one?

  286. people?

  287. ok make me a girl i don’t care how it looks just don’t make me girly.(maybe dark purple and black)

  288. short hair?


  290. I want shun with yellow hair,Grey shoes,and everything else orange!!!

  291. could you make me a RaInBoW gorem please?i hope so.

  292. Oh and could you make a GOLD element?because i want my next bakugan to be GOLD.

  293. i want a regular shun with a dark skyrus

  294. how do i do this?

  295. I want mine a shun

  296. This better happen! I want my bakugan to be a four winged drogan with red and black stripes. I want it to have no arms but four legs it has to have long black nails and four rows of teeth. If you actually make it send it to me at:””

  297. I also want my bakugan to be dragonoid.

  298. And if you do not make my bakugan in more than 2 weeks then I will do something very bad to your site! Understand? You better!

  299. I want my character like Shun when he’s wearing the ninja costume,and have a white siege as my bakugan. plz

  300. i like this i want to name mine reaper jr.and i want to be like shun.

  301. yo i like your stile and bakugan is a cool anyway i want reaper

  302. how do i get 1 bakugan sir

  303. how exactly can i sighn up for this?


  305. A Drago with two haeds and nine arms

  306. A Drago with two haeds and nine arms and 500,000g’s and a chrry on top

  307. I’m Phillip and I want to know how to make a person and a bakugan.

  308. This is phillip again and I want a Preyis

  309. With ohthis is phillip I a PYRUS with 158,936 gs

  310. I want a shun with a black shirt and flames and the bakugan will be a darkus sige with a little bit of blue. thats it!

  311. I want a guy that looks lke shun but with brown hair and I want green clothes on him. And i want a green bakugan with more than 500,000g’s

  312. A pyrus that changes any type of bakugan and 100,0000g’s with two heads

  313. A black hole card when you frow it out the other bakugan goes to the doom-dimension and can’t come back

  314. A black hole card when you frow it out the other bakugan goes to the doom-dimension

  315. A black hole card

  316. A chuganoid with two heads and 100,000g’s

  317. A rilly good bakugan with 600,000g’s

  318. i want dan in black and a black drago

  319. A hydranoid with two heads and 1000,0000g’s

  320. one more thing I want a dragonid it’s belly is yellow it,s skin blue and it’s horn black thank you very much

  321. I forgot 100,0000g’s to the dragonid thank you

  322. I want a skyress with yellow eye’s

  323. and with the skyress 100,00000g’s

  324. I want a dragonid with 950g’s

  325. I want a hydranoid black with two heads and can change any type of bakugan with 100,00000g,s

  326. HOW DO YOU MAKE A CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx

  327. hi i like pie and iceream pleaz make a backugan with pie

  328. I want a terror claw with 100,000g’s and a saurus with 100,000g’s and a Mantris with 100,000g’s and a tuskor with 100,000g’s and a cycloid with 100,000g’s one more thing a gorem with 100,000g’s thank you very much if that is to much you can do two or three thank you

  329. i want to be older brother dans but its madeup and a ventus alpha d hydranoid

  330. I won’t a red and black siege

  331. I won’t a red and green ravenoid

  332. thank u guys again!

  333. dan with all white black pockets and white gloves. with some greyish silversomehwere in there.
    and luminoz/haos drago


  335. i want to look like red dan and have infinity drago.

  336. I want mine to be a drago and also be black and lightning hands and have 100000000000000000000 gs

  337. also my character be dan with blue hair and black bakugan

  338. Can you make me look like shun with shorter hair and green eyes

  339. make me look like shun with black jaket and green gloves wiyh a black an green skyress with 800g or just 600g

  340. oh ya ists call wing demand and atrobute chang

  341. ya do you send them to us or just make them

  342. hey how do I make a bakugan

  343. sasuke, i got 3 bakugan darkus nin-hydronoid 500,000,000,000,000g’s with the ability card flaming eon tri burst! it can destroy all bakugan on the field except nin-hydronoid! pyrus tai-hydronoid with infinity g’s! with speed designator as ability card that can win the match! aquos gen-hydronoid with 100,000,000,000,000g’s and ability water death illusion! destroys all but water!

  344. pepoles the time is wrong

  345. i want to be like runo,brave and stong,brown hair, green eyes, plide outfit

  346. i am a giant NARUTO fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  347. my bakugan naim is invisaman

  348. i want a shun and a drago

  349. i want marucho with brown hair and haos fear ripper

  350. I want a Dan with all black clothes and a dark green dragonoid named ventus draggo.

  351. I had a dark hydronoid and it came alive, it was very angry, then I found Cycloid, anoher bakugan they were so mad they fought and I said Dark Hydronoid go into the doom dimension. I wonder if Dark Hydronoid turned into stone

  352. i was going 2 ask u guys if u can make a bakugan game 4 playstation2? please! bye

  353. i want do be dan with black shirt and pants and gold shirt outlining thin and for a bakugan can i have drago plz thanks and can you make drago’s at 1000000,00000 g’s thanks

  354. hi

  355. retarded narga

  356. dipshit drago

  357. i want a delta drago red and black pyrus with dan with black hair and red jacket red glasses black shirt and red pants

  358. i want a blue and light blue drago and i want 2 look like ur dan

  359. or a black and red drago

  360. dude hurry up u take 4 ever

  361. r u of line or sumit

  362. i want my own blue dan and blue dragonoid

  363. brown maskerade

  364. I want Dan!!!!!!!!!

  365. I want my person to be Shun and a bakugan that looks like kixx from Lilo and Stich

  366. I want a Dan with red hair and a kid drago as a bakugan

  367. I want a darkus evolved dragoniod with shun with black and red cloths and black hair.

  368. hey ty ill battle you where do you live in nc

  369. name of charecter:Sakura
    i dont no wat her name is but the one with blue hair, if you could make her hair a redish brown with red eyes. i dont want her outfit all purple but if you could make the main colour purple.
    ps i need 2 no how 2 view it

  370. i have no idea why every wants to be a mascarade but any way my name is sakura and i would like my person to be the blue haired girl except with fire red hair and purple as the main colour of her outfit: plz and thnk u

  371. can u make me a black verson of shuns bakugan the ball (and one unfolded) and the creatre thanks bye

  372. I want Dan regalar hair colar but I want the red clothing blue
    And his pokets black

  373. Oh and I want A evold dragonoid aqous type with 3999999999975

  374. i want a green masquerade and a green dragon.

  375. i want mine to look like shun with black hair and pyrus bakugans

  376. i want my character to be like shun with pyrus bakugans with g power of 550,440,780 please preety please realy please

  377. i want my character to be like shun with pyrus bakugans with g power of 550,440,780 please prety please realy please

  378. I want a shun that has a darkus cloths (shirt and pants) and a darkus dragonoid . (black and purple)

  379. I want Dan with the normal hair colar blue clothing and black pokets,My bakuga will be a Darkus Delta Dragonoid with
    1999999999354211299 gs

  380. hi there,

    i would like you to please make me a blue praeus. And a black and yellow dual-hydrenoid.

  381. can you make a ventis bakugan called bones with 100,00000000g’s with a skull on top

  382. I want Dan with normal hair and blue clothing and blue eyes
    and a Darkus Delta Dragonoid with 9999999999999987gs

  383. i hate it

  384. uumm cool?

  385. Hey,tippinconthenet can I have Dan with a blue shirt and a drago with dark blue wings,red eyes and everything else black.

  386. hey can you make a character looking like dan in a black and white and a bakugan which could be a fusion of storm skyress and ultimate draganoid

  387. i want mine character to be called battlebrawler1
    i want it to be a subterra brawler or pyrus

    i want 2 bakugan if u can drago as a subterra and a juggernoid

  388. mine would be masquarade with a white shirt and black pants with a dragon on it my bakugan will be a black and yellow dragonoid.

  389. Can you make me a character and a bakugan ? it has to be cooler than draconoid . and the character has to be evil , like shun or masqurate send it to my mail . can you also tell me how to make my ovn ?

  390. hey man
    make me a shun with a blue tshirt and the rest same
    a skyrus with red eyes and gold body with red stripes and a new element

  391. I want a green Dan and a green dragonoid.

  392. i want the bakugan naga exactly like him but with a little red

  393. how do you make a bakugan and character. I’m just wanting to know how.

  394. make ultra hydranoid yello horned and give him a black belly and a brown tail and a blue head and green arms and white legs and an orange and red back

  395. If you are still making these, can you please make Runo with dark brown hair? Her eyes should be blue if they aren’t already that color. Also, her outfit should be black and dark purple, with the same color scheme as a Darkus Bakugan. Thanks!

  396. i want my name dark blade and bakugon the pyrus

  397. I want danny with black,brown,& white hair, darkus,and haos bakugan balls in his hand,black fingerless gloves and black white and brown clothes. I also want a new element predator.
    new element: Daosterra(a mix of darkus, subterra, and haos.)
    colors: black brown and haos.

  398. i want my brawler to look like dan with ren and bule hair and black pants and a red jaceket my username is jatwood13

  399. I want my character to look like dan but black and red and bakugan to look like fear ripper but black and red

  400. thanks

  401. i want my bakugan to have tigress style dark type and a little dragonoid in it 9999999999999999999999999999 g,s

  402. i want a marucho with brown hair and a bakugan with a fusion of preyas skyris and gorem

  403. I want my bakugans name to be bumblebee. I want my bakugans power level to be 300,000 g’s. I want it to look like a bee nija. I want its stripes to be black, and rest of it to be red.

  404. he can pick up really heavy things. he has the head of a wolf and has wings like an eagle. Last but not least….. he has the tail of a lion.

  405. I want dan with brown hair, black long shorts and shirt, and a pyrus drago, white tigrera, and a white hynoid.


  406. I really really really really really really really really really really really really want a Drago alot!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE get me a drago bakugan ball in real life as a toy!!!! If you do this will be the only website I will ever go to!!! thx,

  407. I want to look like runo with black hair,her clothes black and purple, and a black and purple tigererra….PLZ.

  408. hey could u make a darkus dan with darkus bakugan in his hand

    my user name is Bakugan00 tysm

  409. this is bakugan00 again i wanted to know if you could put a darkus seige on my shoulder k tysm

  410. i want it to look like dan and my bakugan is a red naga and has infinity gs

  411. fgbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  412. i want dan in a blue jacket and a sub tera juggernoid

  413. i want to have the strongest bakugan in the world

  414. How can you make a character and a bakugan?

  415. I want my character to be a black,red Dan with his Darcus bakugan.

  416. A Darcus drago.

  417. i want a mascrade with red on it

  418. gr

  419. how to create a bakugan?

  420. how to change the color of characters?


  422. and my bakugan to have new element grass a green seige dark green lines and a regular green base

  423. your the coolest

  424. your col

  425. good cartoon!!!!!!!! well done

  426. COOL

  427. ang cool nmn ng mga pix nio…,
    add some more!!!
    gwa din kya kau ng friendster-layouts!!
    dts 2 cool!!!
    more power..,

  428. i want to have should have a red t shirt a blue jacket and blue jeans.he should look cooooll like dan.and the bakugan should look like drago but it should have black wings.the name shall be BLACK LIGHTNING.can u tell me how to make them.coz i and my friends love them.send the reply to my email.

  429. i want prayes 2 to be red,white,and blue

  430. hi

  431. i want dan with blue pants yellow jacket and red shirt,blue gloves,red shoes.and the bakugan is drago with black wings red body and a red horn.

  432. and will u send it to my email pls?

  433. i want shun with red hair,green gloves black outfit pls.and my bakugan tigress with red body.i am nihal’s brother.

  434. i want to look like masquarade,everything black.and my baakugan predator

  435. i want dan with blue outfits.and bakugan drago with black everything.i would like to have drago with all the elemntals pls. thank you

  436. i want mascarade with black outfits..and the bakugan is preadtor which is also black thank u.

  437. i want mascarade with black outfits.and name him mascarade josh.and my bakugan is predator with black and yellow.and name it mascarde light

  438. i want dan with blue hair and black bakugan will be drago which is also black. thank you

  439. i want dan with black bakugan is drago which is also black.

  440. i want shun with everything red.and my bakugan is predator in red.

  441. i want dan in black outfits.and my bakugan is drago and predator which is also black

  442. and i nearly forgot the names
    character:blaze lightning
    bakugan:black lightning

  443. hi!i want mascarade with red outfits.and the bakugan is masquarades in green and grey in colour thanks.

  444. hi! i want to look like dan with black outfits and blue hair. my bakugan is drago which is also in black.
    character name:blaze lightning
    bakugan name:black fire

    thank you

  445. I want to make a person and some bakugan.

  446. why can’t we just do it without e-mailing you?

  447. hi!i havent yet got my bakugan characters how long willit take to make it?pls reply

  448. i want to create my own bakugan.

  449. hi! i would like a wavern mixed with the ultimate evolution of drago.

  450. i want maskarade with white dress and purple gagnoid

  451. I want maskarade with white dress and purple gargnoid

  452. I want to create my bakugan and a person

  453. i want dan with black hair white eyes and abakugan that is every element mixed in the evolved form of drago

  454. i would like a blue & red dan with a darcuz drago evolved please.

  455. i want to make a character and a bakugan how do i make it lightnin

  456. lightning can u make me an aquis and dark tigrera and my character like dan with black hair and all of my cloths black my email is my moms dont take cuase my mom will kill me

  457. i made mines like yours but diferent colors

  458. is it okay lightning

  459. i want to be a red fortress with instead of swords axes

  460. person:shun,green shirt,black and green pants,tan skin,and brown hair.
    bakugan:red mouth,silver body,black line,red feet,red hands,and black heads,bakugan name:Aquos Shred Blazer

  461. how exactly do you create this stuff?pls write back

  462. how long does this take

  463. do we acctuly get the stuuf or see them?

  464. i forgot,i want my bakugan to look like duel hydranoid

  465. persom name:Duce

  466. if anyone wants to battle me call 9088769414

  467. i mean 356957 0909

  468. cccccccccccccccccccccoooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllll

  469. dan

  470. dan/john3on3

  471. I want mine to be dan and my username to be dragoniod61

  472. hey can i have a dan with black hair,light blue jeans,dark blue jacket,black shirt,dark blue goggles, black shoes,Dark green eyes,black gloves,white skinned, black belt,black jacket pockets,And i want a aquos delta dragonoid and aquos fear ripper.

  473. I want masterade with black hair and all his clothes blue and he has a blue blade tegrera

  474. i want d to look like dan withbrown hair and darkred eyes and my bakugan to look like drago evoled

  475. I want dan with black hair blue eyes and mixed with delta drago and cycloid

  476. wheres my bakugan?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!?!!!!

  477. game on

  478. i want a dan black and white and a green ventus drago

  479. i want to have a hydronoid with gold and white

  480. I Want a Girl Marucho with Purple Clothes and Dark Brown Hair. Also She uses Darkus Bakugans.

  481. I want my person to look like Runo, but with silver hair, and red clothing, and I want my bakugan to be a pyrus dragonoid.

  482. i want mine to be gold, orange, yellow and white and a little brass. I want him to be named dragafire.
    thanks, justin

  483. I want my character to be Mascarade with black shades, black hair, regular skin color, and dark red clothes. I want my bakugan to be a draginiod thats black and red.

  484. Dude i want to create a bakugan that i saw on the computer and it is a infinity dragonoid and it has 1,000gs as soon as i saw that i went to and i typt in infinity dragonoid but it dosen’t have it so i want u to look it up and if u can try to make it clear or translusent.And i am really mad because a kid stole bacicly all my bakugan because i had like 45 and now i only have not even 10 bakugan and patrick better give back or pay a lot of $$$$. And when i ashed him to give them back he said there brocken but i know he’s lieing to me.And don’t forget about the infinity dragonoid and i want him a mix with novo12 and darkon like near the finnal episods because i saw them all on in english but i was sad when they beat naga and they all had to go back to vestroia and never come back but it was funny when julio’s bakugan left because he was cryind like a baby so that is all. all the episodes it is cool.

  485. how o do this

  486. hi can I have joe and his bakugan is naga withn the silent coer

  487. an Aquos Shun HEH i dont want skyrus though i want preyas

  488. how do you create a charater a can’t find the button

  489. where do i make a charecter

  490. can i have shun with black hair red dragonoid with skyress with a gate card and no bakugan shooter

  491. i want to be look like shun

  492. dan with blond hair and red jackit and black shoos.and dragonid gold and blue and wight and red and with inthinity core.

  493. dan with blond hair and red jackit and black shoos.and dragonid gold and blue and wight and red and with inthinity core 5 horns.

  494. Joshua with blond hair and black jackit.9 horns and a red sighlent core and wight and
    blue and red and green body.

  495. Harry with black hair and red trousers and blue jackit.infinity dragonid with blue inthinity core and 1,000 g’s and dragonid blue and green and red and gold.

  496. i want 3 storm skyresses 1 haos 1 pyrus 1 aquos as my bakugan and i would look like mascarade with white cloths and red mask

  497. i want marucho green with abit of blue and aquos preyas green and black

  498. and i want my username to be laytho2 and bakugan name aqua

  499. Can I please Be a Blue and black Dan With a draganoid, Tigeriess and a Skyress

  500. I want a pure white dan with blue eyes with a blue,pink and white drago

  501. can i make a character

  502. yo it’s me lil.wayne and gusse what i went to and typt in serise 3 bakugan real and it shows monurus,harpus,ratteloid,bee sriker,el condor,froshk,clayf,sirinoid,fortress,tenteclear,exeedra,apollinir,and my favorite wavern, and oberon. So u have to go to and type that in.I’m gonna tell ya all the one i have drago,delta drago,tuskor,tigrara,blade tigrara,and aqous preyus deablo.and i want to make a bakuagn with a mix ventus and haos+a naga mixed with deul hydronoid translusant or clear.

    p.s watch the episodes on

  503. i want shon have a light card

  504. i want naga to be oranga and white. i want Dan to have black and red hair. i want dan to have black clothes

  505. i want mine to be a sub terra player

  506. i want Shun and Mascaraed bakugan in black and gold

  507. Hey. Do you mind if i could have a Dragonoid (just that) in blue, aquos style? its for my avatar on
    Thanks for your time, good of you for doing this.

  508. please give me a Dan. blue and red with drago blue and gold.

  509. Any chance of a pyrus hydranoid and a pink runo *sigh, if only she were real* (i fancy her, ok? no jokin!!!)

  510. P.S., what allows preyas to change attribute?

  511. i want a Drago with 4 heads and he is black and red.

  512. i got the evolved drago so i9 want dan with green eyes yellow pant and a red shirt

  513. sana ay maging kakampi nilasi masquerade

  514. i want my charetor to have brown hair,tan skin,brown eyes,i seven bakugan,five dark,two fire dragonoid make them how ever you want

  515. please make me a golden dragoonoid.

  516. dual hydranoid

  517. I want my Bakugan to look like a dragon and I want the color to be blue I want the attack to be 830g and red eyes. I want it to stick to metal. I want it to close good. No stripes.

  518. dude can you make a haos alpha hydranoid

  519. I want to create bakugan

  520. I want a preyan with a full black body

  521. I want to make my own bakugan. I want it to be a robatic style bakugan.

  522. My username is Dan451 and I want a Dan with all black on but a purple undershirt and purple gloves.I want him to have darkus bakugan in his hand and a darkus evolved drago.My email address is, email me when u r dun wit my character.

  523. can i have a Mascarade that looks black and red and pyrus bakugan red shoes.

  524. for god so loved the world that he gave His one and only son so that whoever belives in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

  525. Jesus Christ RULES!!!!

  526. yo what up man, i want to make a bakugan if u can.

    i got rare bakugan

    elcondor,clayf,tentaclear,wavern,fortress,sirinoid,AND FROSHC.


  527. I put you bakugan on and i put it by austin james ladd/lightnin64 ok

  528. i want to be a black shun. i want to have all darkus and haos bakugan oh and i want red pants and a darkus exedra on my shoulder. Thanks.

  529. how do you make a bakugan because me and my friend want to make one reply back

  530. I want to make my owe

  531. I want to look like runo with a blue top,blue hair,funky blue jeans,blue shoes and user as Runo27

  532. I want joe with the clothes of masquerade with Alpha Hydronoid plZ…………………..

  533. i want dan wearing his red jacket and yellow shirt and blue jeans

  534. could you make me a drogonoid white where his red skin is and red where his gold skin is

  535. could you make me a dragonoid white where his red skin is and red where his gold skin is

  536. could you make me a dragonoid white where his red skin is and red where his gold skin is supposed to be

  537. i also want a dan with a dark blue jacket white t-shirt and dark blue jeans with brown hair

  538. I want a Aquas Pearl Cyrus.

  539. I want a dragonoid and i want to look like dan

  540. i want to make mines like pyrus dan and a ventus drangoind

  541. re5g6

  542. naga details

  543. i am the bakugan player in the hole wrold

  544. i have naga wavern and graganoid

  545. lets fight Brian xie and spoofer 13

  546. naga everiting red, golddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd teth

  547. I want a balck and red dan and a black and red drago.

  548. Oh iwant dan to have brown skin and black and white drago. thanks

  549. could you make me bakugan to be a mixture of wavern and Infinity draganoid [ventus] and i want my character to look like Alice with a green shirt and baby blue outing. I want her to be perfect!Same for my bakugan.Oh,and i love playing bakugan. Its my thing!

  550. Hmmm ok….I want mine…Black masquerade hair red on the glasses thing ad all the bakugan black……lets see what else..OH YEAH I want meh bakugan to be Haos Naga but black and red together! Thats all plz mak meh it and ill owe u one ^^

  551. Oh wait I want Naga but it seems u can make any eh? SO ill like a….Drago plz oh a black drago with red eyes ;D

  552. I want to be Dan with black hair. I also want glasses like Masqurae . I also want a hydronoid that is gold.

  553. can i make a bakegan

  554. i like bagugans they are cool
    i collect the back ones

  555. can u make a alfa hydranoid(ventas)

  556. can you make a ventas pearl alfa hydranoid

  557. ventas alfa hydranoid please

  558. Yo i would like a drago and a guy that looks like dan

  559. i would like a drago with a guy like dan

  560. make a dragonoid look like water

  561. I want a Msquerade with a purple jacket,blue hair and white trousers.I also want a purple Dragonoid.His name will be Hikaru

  562. I want a Masquerade with dark blue hair,white trousers and a purple alpha Hydranoid.His name will be Hikaru.

  563. I want a masquerade with purple hair, a purple jacket and white trousers.Ialso want a purple Alpha Hydranoid.

  564. Can I have a purple Dual Hydranoid.

  565. Drago has to be green thanks

  566. where do we see our created bakugan

  567. where do we other peoples bakugan

  568. hello

  569. hi

  570. I want Dan with a light blue jaket and all the rest of the clothes too be green and a phoenix drago and gorem all water types

  571. I want a Dan with dark blue hair, all of his clothes to be red and blue, i want a phoenix drago and gorem all in water.

  572. YO

  573. Can you please make me an Aquos/Darkus fusion Bakugan of Naga?

  574. i want mine to be shun wearing navy blue with a tigerra thats tropical green

  575. i love bakugan there the best toy in the world my bakugan are gorem,serpenoid,fear reaper, and dragonoid

  576. i want a delta dragonoid

  577. i wan a bakugan battle before

  578. I want a Masquerade with a purple jacket,white trousers and puple hair.His name will be Hikaru.

  579. I want a Darkus siege but with more purple than black.

  580. I want a Darkus Dragonoid but with more purple than black

  581. Cool sign me up.

  582. I would like to wear a a blue jacket,and light blue jeans,
    and have black hair.Also I want to be Dan.

  583. I forgot.I want to be a aquos player.

  584. I want a ultimite dragoniod.999,999GS

  585. I want a bule mascarde with black hair and a blue naga

  586. i want a green shun and a green and a ventus monarus

  587. i want a green shun and a green and ventus monarus

  588. i want a green shun and a green monarus


  590. whates up homo

  591. i want a pure white dan and a white murucho with a darkus g890 and a aquasg790 both named setherdawg and ryu

  592. I want a Darkess Backugan, it looks like Drago but it has 2 wings and a gold Black Gold Black tail

  593. hi…bakugan is pretty good, make sure to check out tokio hotel(band), naruto, gundam 00, gurren laggan…..does anyone want to talk to me… bored and lonly….email me at

  594. bakugan is fun and it rockks! dude i am going to school and my
    friend victor he bring the bakugan and he is going to give me one
    in lunch time i am 6 years old

  595. danmage!

  596. I wont to make a bakugan!!!

  597. Create means create, not make it for you.

  598. Create means create, not make it for you!!!

  599. i want dan with brown hair orange t-shirt blue jeans and drago

  600. Can you please make a clear half tigrera , half naga?? it would be great !thanks!

  601. Can you please make a clear half tigrera , half naga?? it would be great !thanks! Haos tribute plz!!

  602. Hey lightnin could i have masquerade but his jacket black and alphahydranoid but like ultra and him being haos version like white and gold

  603. i what mine to look like shun but fire type and a fire drago

  604. i what mine to look like shun but fire type

  605. i what mine to look like shun but fire type BAKUGAN

  606. i love this game

  607. I WANT dan with yellow hair like dragogonball!

  608. i want to create a bakugan oh and my best bakugan is fortres

  609. I have a angelodiablo. He rocks!

  610. I know that you are prabably busy, but if you have time to, can you make me a VENTUS sirenoid. The G’s 90,000. Remember, Jesus loves you! Thanks!

  611. hey i just wanted to know if u can make me a naga in black and red

  612. can u make me a naga in black with the detailes in red

  613. I want to Create My Own Caracter!!!!!!.

  614. I want to create my own caracter!!.

  615. I want a pyrus and ventus dragonoid 1

  616. Get me a red and green drago 1

  617. red and green drago 1

  618. I want a blue Dan

  619. Can you please make me an orange Dan?


  620. I would like a blue Dan.

  621. I would like a blue Dan.

  622. Can I plz have shun.Just nomal.and skyris nomal

  623. I want mine to look like Dan.My Bakugan’s name will be Pyrus Preyas.

  624. fsdfwgd

  625. yo lightnin i want a drago georgia bulldog colors(black,red,and white) and make mascarerade the same.

  626. i want a tigerra that is purple,red,and blue.Could you make real bakugan balls you can battle with?

  627. Yo dude this site rules! I wanna look like Runo but with blonde hair and a darkus bakugan pls.

  628. I would like a darkus griffon if you can.

  629. I want dan to have naga with white and 1000g. Dan should have green hair, dark blue tshirt, black pants and a white jacket.

  630. Can I have a pink skyress and red shun

  631. Sweet normal dragoniod or a bakugon dragon

  632. Oh and yellow or blond hair

  633. ik wil ook mijn eigen bakugan hoe moet ik dat doen

  634. i want my bakugan to be red and some black and green and blue and be a dragon

  635. i have a bakugan i dont know name wit 720gs and hes cool also i want a shun wearing all black wit same color hair and preyus predator

  636. this sucks i just want to make my own bakugan with any face or attribute or color AND I DONT WANT YOU
    LOSERS TO MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  637. haha suckers i dont need your dumb website to make a bakugan i already have a 790g aquos preyas custom so bye FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  638. oh and all you brawlers just to let you know if you look up 790g custom aquos preyas you wont find it cause i have the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND ITS NOT FAKE IF YOU THINK THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  640. Can the character look like alice?

  641. I want a darkus shun

  642. could you make me a dragonoid with green skin and yellow horn and claws.I want dan with brown hair blue eyes.and a green jakit.






  648. how do you make a bakugan?!

  649. its rubbish ive tried everything to make a bakugan its annoying!!

  650. how do u play and sin up

  651. I want mine to be gray golden green yellow mixed together.

  652. Hi. I would like a shun with ventis gorem. Also I have a question. Since you know so much about bakugan do you know how to find what bakugan change attributes are online and how do I get them? Thank you very much. You da man!!

  653. want to brawl

  654. i will want my to be a black new bakugan called viper

  655. i want a the bakuagn viper

  656. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwhat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  657. ha never mind, i want the new vestroia runo! Just as she is.

  658. when do we get the characters?

    Someone talk or email me!
    I am bored out of my mind!

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