This blog is dedicated to giving you all the info you need about bakugan, and some really fun extra stuff! So first of you need to know who created it right? well actually it was me Lightnin64. And to pay for the adveritisement on Zatch’s blog I had (but also wanted) to make him an admin. Then, considering he is one of my best friends, add lipinco.  So that is the story of who runs this blog. And who created it. So the first day this blog was up we got zero, on the second day 10, on the third day 46, on the fourth day 190! And by 3/1/09 we are hoping to have in the high thousands! So c’mon people keep it up. Also comment. Check the contests page for a really amazing contest, and PRIZE!


7 Responses to “About”

  1. I what me cartester to have blond hare. coler black pas

  2. A boy with blond hare and back pas and a blue shrt and a red jacit and aqua tyip of bakugan.

  3. i want my character to have black pants a red shirt and pyrus bakugan

  4. i want my character to have black on and a darkus bakugan

  5. Guys, I’m not very sure, but I don’t think they will be taking character requests anymore. If you want one, go to my site under top clicks (guess which one that is), and request there.

  6. cool

  7. Hi. Is anyone there? Please answer… Please.

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