Good and Evil

Hey, this is Lightnin. I thought you might want to know about the main characters in the story and some of the bad guys. 


Masquerade is a very mysterious character who has one goal; send all Bakugan to the Doom Dimension. A great Bakugan player and Dan’s main rival, he wears a mask and no-one knows his true identity. In battle Masquerade is so dangerous because he carries the doom card, allowing him to send the losing Bakugan to the Doom Dimension. He has teamed up with Hal-G and together, their quest is to ensure the dark side wins by drawing in all the negative energy making Naga the supreme ruler in both Vestroia and Earth! He is a master of the darkness attribute

Michael, an elderly researcher in his fifties was the first to discover a portal between an alternate universe known as Vestroia and our world.After teleporting himself to the other dimension, Michael was quickly sucked up by the evil force of the Silent Core and transformed into a megalomaniac scientist. After returning to earth as HAL-G, he immediately recruited Masquerade in an attempt to help him destroy all the Bakugan standing in his way.



Shun: He uses the Ventus attribute. He is the strong silent type who is ranked Number seven inn all of the bakugan players in the world.

Dan: The leader of the brawlers. He uses the pyrus attribute. He has alot of self confidence. He has a talking bakugan named drago.

Marucho: The younges brawler. He uses the water attribute and he is very smart.

Runo: A TOTAL TOMBOY. Unlike Julie she likes Dan but keeps it a secret. She uses the Haos attribute in battle.

Julie: She uses the subterra attribute. She absolutely loves Dan and she thinks Dan is her boyfriend (which he isn’t)

Alice: During the early part of the show Alice doesn’t play bakugan. She was mainly the brains of the group. Later on in the show she uses Darkos. There is a rumor I heard of people saying she is masquerade  WHICH SHE ISN’T.



20 Responses to “Good and Evil”

  1. runo also has a talking tigress bakugan

  2. alice is masquerade…shes just exposed to the silent core…look on wikipedia

  3. ya thats right

  4. alice is masquerade when the silent coe energy takes over her its shown in 38-39

  5. and julie doesnt like dan but likes billy after around 15
    and shun has skyress which is a phoenix julie has gorum wich is a huge golem and maruch has a preyas

  6. Is Masquerade really alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I play with darkus bakugan what do you all play with

  8. your right

  9. alice is mascerade in episode 41 i think mascerade takes off da mask and its alice

  10. no its episode 40 my bad

  11. runo rules!!!!!

  12. hi this is awesome im trying to learfn about bakugan

  13. alice is totaly masqurade because when they battle masqurade she isnt around

  14. exactly!But eventully Alice puts the mask in a box and throws it out the window but i’m told another person finds it

  15. plus she is always sleepy and its alwayus after someone battles masqurade

  16. masquerade is Alice,watch bakugan episode 38

  17. naga red claws, black wings, ifiniti core, silent core, darkus abtrabute, and gold head

  18. masquerade is alice why do u think she never feels herself and her
    grandfather is hal-g(michael-g)

  19. Masquerade is alice watch episode 39 and you will hear the story and Masquerade rules the brawlers suck excpet alice she rules

  20. is Masquerade actually Alice, i never saw that episode. Now that would actually make a lot of sense .

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