My Creations



32 Responses to “My Creations”

  1. Yo, lightnin this page isn’t showing up!

  2. yea it aint man

  3. What is going on with it?

  4. what

  5. i want to make a another bakugan and i forgot how to make to

  6. dude if i could get a black and blue bakugan that was a robotic snake it would be so pimpin

  7. Hey, tell us whats wrong with this page.

  8. i want dan black hair, black jacket, blue eyes, and a dakus bakugan. ps. the bakugan has to look like dargo ok.

  9. Dude this page isn’t for people saying “I want my own bakugan make me one now!” It’s just lightnin showing some of his creations.

  10. i want shun with green hair,sky blue shirt,red and black chekered pants,and an evolved dragonoid darkus

  11. um, wheres the page?

  12. I want to see the other bakugan that people have created not just your one!!!!!!!

  13. hey i want shun to have black pants blue and black shoes black outlined hair with red inside a white shirt.

  14. yo how do i make a bakugan pirson on here!!give me info!!

  15. yo yo anyone there?

  16. your all stupid

  17. its not done yet

  18. I don’t like to bother people so I’m asking you how to make it so i can make my own storm skyruss.PS Im the best brawler in my town.
    PSS.Alice is Masqurade he hair goes up and turns blond and her voice change by the power of negative energey in the mask.

  19. I want Shun with black hair, blue shirt, black pants, blue eyes, blue with black striped shirt and black shoes

    My Bakugan a blue tigrerra and it’s named Praiwolvous and in short Raiwus

    (Harvor is not my real name. only my nickname)

  20. i want shun with green hair,dark green shirt, and green and black chekered pants and evolved skyress ventus of coruse

  21. i want a delta dragonoids evolved form with shun and shuns clothes with light green shirt and blue pants

  22. I want Dan with blue clothing, blue eyes, red bakugan card holders,and a evold darkus Dragonoid oh and i want to be holding a doom card

  23. yo i want ventus tiggrera and pyrus masquerade

  24. which one dark aquis light which one

  25. i heard nothin so far and my comment is gone for some reason

  26. dude black shun,tan skin,red hair,red,black duelhydranoid

  27. iwant a alpha hidranoid aqus

  28. dude,masquerade is alice and alice is a person,plus i’ve already had a ventus tigrerra,oh and you spelled tigrerra wrong

  29. I want to be maskqurade and I want my name to be nightblade and I want a hydranoid that is fire type like dragonoid and has yellow horns and I want brown hair and a white coat with purple pants thankyou Love,Cameron

  30. how do i check my character and bakugan.



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