•March 30, 2008 • 1 Comment

It’s Zatch, with sad news. We cannot bring bakuganboy back- ALTHOUGH, we have a perfectly good reason. Lipinco’s parent won’t let him on the blog with someone he doesn’t know. Me, lightnin, and lipinco are best friends in real life, and we don’t know bakuganboy in real life. We are very sorry for this. I swear the me and lightnin WANT HIM ON THE BLOG but he can’t be. If lipinco ever quits the blog we will immeadiatley put bakugan boy back on. Please don’t be mad at us, we feel as much pain as you… Lipinco is being retarded by telling me that he DOESN’T feel any pain. We give you permission to hate him.


Lightnin what’s your problem?

•March 30, 2008 • 2 Comments

Lightnin! What’s wrong with you. Why did you remove bakuganboy, we never agreed to that! He was a valued member of this team and he will be or so help me I will shut the blog down! Bakuganboy, if you’re reading this, please forgive lightnin. We’ll bring you back- well, I will anyways. And bakuganrules, I’m sorry you were upset about lightnin’s poor mistake. I will right his wrong A.S.A.P- which is as soon as bakuganboy gives me his email address so I can make him an admin again.

I’ll try

•March 29, 2008 • 2 Comments

If you really really care about this. Then I’ll try to get bakuganboy back. It will be very hard to figure out a way. Your welcome.


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If you have any complaints about anything. or the removal post them here.


•March 28, 2008 • 20 Comments

hey evrybody. this is Lightnin. Zatch, lipinco, and I have made a hard devastating choice (Actually it wasn’t to hard). We removed bakuganboy from this site. but before you click the x button to get off of this site. Just keep the fact in your mind that we had to. we had no choice. Thank you for your time.


•March 27, 2008 • 3 Comments

okay, i had this great idea a few seconds ago. I thought that creating your characters is pretty cool. But then I thought, What are they going to do with them. So this is it. Once we make all your characters (and bakugan). We will have a vote. Well something like a vote. You will comment the usernames of 4 people you would like to be on a brawler team with. Then, if one of the people you named names you too. You will automaticaly be on their team. There will be a few different teams, with five people in each. not everybody will get to be in the team of their dreams. But it will still be fun. There will be a page for each team. only that team can get in with a secret password. they can share their bakugan experiences, we will post their bakugan character photos and bakugan. I will tell you more about it after april. So don’t post yet!

I’m Back!

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Hey everybody this is lightnin64 and i just got back from my spring vacation. It wasd amazing! That is why your cmments and questions might not have been answered in the past few days. I am not sure about any of the other guys, but I am pretty sure that lipinco is still able to help with the spring break hold up. i also realized that bakuganboy, lipinco, zatch50, and I haven’t started making any of your own characters yet. So i decided that the month of april will be dedicated to starting and hopefully finishing you characters. You will NOT be allowed to post on that page at ALL. have a great vacation!