Weird Changes

Hey there.  It’s lipinco.  You may not go on this blog any more, but if you do please listen to this:  Bakugan is no laughiung matter!  I was told of a brawl, where a bakugan suffered damage and could no longer battle.  The owner of the bakugan, was me.  One of my Bakugan is no longer of battleing use, for it will not roll, and if you just plunk it there, it’s not an oficial brawl.  If this ever happens to you, post it here.


32 Responses to “Weird Changes”

  1. It is true!

  2. One of my brawlers never pops open no matter how hard I throw it or how long it is on the card. Any ideas?

  3. its hapend to me

  4. it happend to y fear ripper one of the claws would not close

  5. it happened to my aquos drago

  6. try fixing the magnet at the bottom its happend to many of times

  7. sometimes u gotta tap it on head after it stands on card but with dragonoids u can manualy open, where the head comes out u just gotta list that.

  8. that to

  9. poop on it and chuck it

  10. Okay, you should try coaxing it out, and then tap it on the head. It sounds crazy, but it may work.

  11. maby it has a mind of its owen you could try talking to it then it could talk back it might open up

  12. My pyras griffan is always shut and wont open.

  13. Theres a danger between me and the other top ranked darkus brawlers.
    A darkus bakugan controller can decide whether or not we should send the defeated bakugans soul do the doom dimension or not but only highly skilled brawlers that use only darkus can learn this technique so if any one brawls with a high ranked darkus brawler beware, for your guardian bakugan/others may be next.

  14. hey does any1 no what this bakugan is called he looks kinda like drago delta form accept he has more white then blue but hes an aquose type if any1 noes his name plz tell me

  15. I have a aquospreyas haospreyas darkuspreyas pyrusjuggernoid ventushynoid and aquoshydranoid

  16. i need some information on the infinity core please reply back smell ya later.

  17. same thing but it olney opens when it is baltting

  18. that was funny about pooping on it i say you should take it apart and see if you can fix it that way im new here

  19. they can open without battling. do you even watch the show?

  20. You have got to by kidding me you cant coax out a bakugan

  21. you guys are kidding me you guys dont now about bakugan do you

  22. such unintelligable fools. you’re just not worthy of standing them.

  23. as if were not itellegent name all of the atributes NOW!!!!!!!

  24. If the bakugan won’t open it is likely due to the steel pins that hold the joints together. Maker sure the pin is depressed all the way into the plastic holes. If they stick out at all they grip the sides of the main body and won’t allow it to pop open.

  25. my fortress left arm wont close any help here?

  26. i got a wavern,ultimate drago,hydranoid,diablo,delta drago[haos,aquos,and pyrus] my strongest is my 620 subterra ultimate dragonoid

  27. my fortress left arm wont close is it possible to fix this problem

  28. oh i can name all attributes they are haos,sub-terra,aquos,darkus,pyrus and ventus

  29. to king dracko. It’s a Pearl Bakugan. Sorta like an albino. they have white were their main color should be and their first color were their second color should be.

  30. OMG! this happened to my sisters pyrus ravenoid! It just doesn’t open!!! I’m worried for my bakugan now!!! 😦

  31. I agree with that jaylon dude, mabey bakugan DO have minds of their own…

  32. My delta dragonoid wont close its head all the way. If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me. By the way my strongest bakugan is angelo/diablo subterra 720gs

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