Brawlers Unite!

Hey there it’s lipinco.  On this one special page you can describe your bakugan team.  If you don’t have Bakugan, Get some, then discribe them.  You see it’s easy as pie!  So get started.  Here I will make the first comment.  Here goes:I have a team of twelve bakugan, 3 Aquos, 3 Vetus, 3 Haos, 2 Darkus, and one Preyas.  A preyas is an extremly rare bakugan that can change elements.  My team will soon get more Bakugan.  And that’s all. Make sure you comment!


83 Responses to “Brawlers Unite!”

  1. this is d-dude and I have 1 pyrus dragonoid, 1 pyrus robotallian,1 darkus serpanoid, and 1 preyas.

  2. ok i have tree preyas (one is a pyrus preyas, another is a aquos preyas, n last one is a haos preyas). then i have 3 dragos (pyrus, evloved haos, n shiny[seethrough] darkus). then i have 2 tigress (darkus,haos). 1 robotalian(pyrus), pyrus saurus, one dat is not named yet anywhere!!(idk wut it is but its awesome), n lastly but not least darkus reaper!!

    Thats all
    BakuMaster!! cya Latr!

  3. i am a starter. i do however have a pretty cool bakugan. i named him drago, just like from the TV show. PS: I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK!!

  4. My bakugan iz weird it iznt in n e of da clases. it is a haos but its like noting ive seen b4. it kinda looks like a juggernoid, fear ripper and a reaper.i cant find out wat its g- power is either. but wen i was watching bakugan masgerade sent out a bakugan called lazer man and the bakugan looked just like my haos 1

  5. Hey its me again conor00666, I have 12 bakugan. 3 fire, 3 darkus, 3 Aquos and 3 Haos. Im going to collect an armies .

  6. I have 8 bakugan and they are (3 zephyroz-1 aquos-1 sub terra-3 nova)

  7. i have 10 bakugan 1 preyas 1 dragonoid 1 evolved dragonoid and some more!!!

  8. i have 3 haos 2 aquos and one element changing bakugan (pyrus?)

  9. i have 10 bakugan (2 juggernoids-ventus-darkus(2 centipeeds-darkus-aquas-(1 dragonoid-aquas-(1 reaper-darkus(1 evolved hydranoid-ventus(1 robotalian-aquas(1 stinglash-ventus-(1 suarus-aquas)

  10. i have 6 bakugan, pyrus bakugan: see-thru robotallian, dragonoid, i also have a bakugan that looks kind of strange and it opens forward kinda looks like a robot, ventus bakugan: Reaper, stinglash, and a bird gryphin thing. I think maybe you might wanna start listing cards you have also what does it mean if it’s see-thru??? I don’t have any preyas though 😦

  11. i hav 8 bakugan 3 pryrus , 3 subterra, 1 darkus, n 1 haos

  12. my bakugan team has 2 some things ( i cant find out wat it is),1 falconeer,1 reaper,1 lazerman,1 juggernoid,1 saurus, and 1 gorem

  13. I have a bakugan of every attribute except ventus and sub tera, I also have a Haos dragoniod.

  14. my bakugan team:
    1 haos dragonoid:350Gs
    1 aquos dragonoid:450Gs
    1 i’m not sure about,but as soon as i know i’ll tell you.

  15. the one i wasn’t sure about is a aquos+haos preyas with 300Gs.

  16. the dragonoids are evolved.

  17. my preyas looks kinda like a lion or gryphin bird thing.

  18. i gots a ventus gorem, sub-terra tigreera, pyrus dragonoid,haos preyas that changes attributes to ventus or sub-terra, darkus fear ripper and robatallion, an aquos juggernoid, and an aquos bakugan w/ 2 cobra heads on each side + it has a metal band around the middle.(any1 no its name??)

  19. o! i 4got…
    gorem:250gs tigrera: 400gs double head cobra thing: 250gs ………. dragonoid: 450gs juggernoid: 450gs preyas: 250gs fear ripper: 250gs. robatallion: 300gs

  20. I have 2 Delta Dragos, One Preyas, One Tigera and One Griffon.

    Sam said this on the 8th of July.

  21. my 5 that i usually use are ventus skyress gorum dual hydranoid robotallion and reaper

  22. I have 5 bakugan currently. 3 subterra, 2 ventus
    go to!

  23. I have a darkus preyas 300g, darkus bakugan like shans talking bakugan 400g, and a darkus draganiod 450g.

  24. I’m going to get darkus drago and a preyas

  25. Mine’s straight up defense (sub-terra).

    1 Dragonoid – 450g
    1 Tigrerra – 350g
    1 Falconeer – 250g

    I’m lookin’ to add more sub-terra’s to my team, most likely that wolf one Billy has, as well as his worm, and hopefully that triceratops lookin’ one. If you guys know what they’re called, let me know.

  26. My bad, I have a Saurus, Tigrerra & a Falconeer #2. Sorry.

  27. im new so i only have a robotallian,a Laserman,a Tigrerra,a Falconeer and 2 Dragonoid but ones clear

  28. That’s cool
    so you should get some more, and then you’ll be a great brawler, like me!

  29. i got 10 bakugan:
    Pyrus: See through dragonoid 450g, stinglash 400g and falconeer 350g
    Haos: 2 dragonoid 400g and 250g, stinglash 300g and falconeer 350g
    Sub-Terra: stinglash 450g fear-ripper 250g robotalian 350g
    also getting rid of all sub terras for a pyrus fear ripper 350 and a haos skyriss 450g. main goal getting rid of all my haos and focussing on pyrus 🙂

  30. i have 1 bakugan drago 650gs 1 gate card.

  31. I only have one bakugan..but its a pyrus Drago 550 gs

  32. k i got my first pack to day and man i was unluckey i got 3 haos one drago tigrera and 1 saurese and all my 3cards subtract haos attrabuties badley. owell im gonna get better.

    PS.excuse me for my spelling lol

  33. owe ya my drago only has 250gs tigrera 350gs and suares 400gs

  34. i am not a good speller but i have bakugan
    sub-terra: centiploid 250g
    pyrus: skyrrus 250g,reaper 350g,tigress 400g
    darkus: serpenoid 450g, dragonoid 350g, fear ripper 300g, gorem 400, gorem 300g
    ventus: ravenoid 300g
    aques: delta dragonoid 550g, dragonoid 250g, ravenoid 350g, griffon 250g, gorem 400g, and i think it is siege but i am not sure,but it has 350g

  35. That is really awsome!

  36. hiya im a bakugan player im a starter but i beated somone on my first go im a air tribute i collect them i got skyrus and 4 other bakugan i got one that has 630 g’s and it aint fake i got a doom card and shuns throw~@!

  37. I have a team of 1 bakugan haos reaper

  38. i have a pyrus Dragonoid,Delta Dragonoid,Ultimate Dragonoid,and Infinity Dragonoid a Haos Tigrerra, and Blade Tigrerra a Aquos Preyus and Angelo Preyus/Diablo Predator a SubTerra Gorem,Hammer Gorem the main bakugan brawlers bakugan Pyrus Fortress Haos Tentaclear Aquos Sirenoid SubTerra Cycloid
    Ventus Harpus Darkus Reaper Forgoten ones Silent Naga Infinity Waven Apollonir: The ultimate and legendary Pyrus Bakugan.Lars Lion: The legendary Haos Bakugan. Frosch: The legendary Aquos Bakugan. Clayf: The legendary Subterra Bakugan. Oberus: The legendary Ventus Bakugan. Excedra The legendary Darkus Bakugan

  39. yo i have drago evolved 520g not the strongest bt good right guys?

  40. I only have 1 a darkus ultimate hydranoide

  41. ihavemyownteam:sqaud:X

  42. i have 6 bakugan so far(getting some more soon)…

    ventus:suaras 450gs
    centiploid 450gs
    dragonoid 250gs

    pyrus:griffon 400gs
    tigrarra 300gs

  43. i got six bakugon but i like them 1 pyrus drago 1 ventus drago clear 1 falconeer pyrus 1 tigrerapyrus 1 robotalion ventus 1 fear ripper ventus my favorite is my pyrus drago 450g and my clear ventus drago 400g

  44. i try to focus on getting the three combo thing so my bakugon get 200 g in battle

  45. i have a team of 53 bakugan 12 aquos 34 prayes 3 haos 1 robotalian 3 ventus skypres

  46. who likes to trade bakugon

  47. I am a brawler that travels around the world.I have not lost a brawl yet.I have a evolved preyas and a evolved dragonoid.My evolved preyas has 500gs and my evolved dragonoid has 600gs.I have a dragonoid with 350gs a preyas with 400gs a tigrera with 300gs a reaper with 350gs a gorem with 450gs a evolved hydrenoid with 550gs a hydrenoid with 470gs a sauras with 450gs a juggernoid with 500gs and I have two skirases with 450gs a griffon with 460gs and two scorpios with 360gs a robotallion with 430gs and a siege with 500gs and now you see why I have not lost a battle yet.Thats it good by.

  48. i hav 148 bakugan and they all are haoS element/atributeS

  49. I have a short but strong bakugan team! Sub-Terra Gorem 510Gs Aquos Robotallian 420Gs And last but not least… PYRUS HYNOID 550GS!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. i have a team of 19 bakugan 600g delta drago,500g preyas,550g clear siege that can be any element,2 juggernoids-darkus,subterra,1 pyrus griffen,1 ventus stinglash 510g,2 haos sauruses,2 centipoids-haos,subterra,1 subterra tigrerra,1 pyrus gorem,2 pyrus fear rippers 1 is translucent,1 pyrus robotallian,1 ventus falconeer,1 darkus team huh.

  51. Hey I have a team of twevle bakugan but i lost my gorem
    Pyras:Dragonoid,Griffen,Gorem(lost it)
    Aqos:Delta Dragonoid,Preyus (that can change type)
    Oh and i call myself a whatever type because I have at least One bakugan type.

  52. My name really is Dan

  53. My weakes bakugan is my haos griffen it has 250 gs

  54. Me and my friends Brandon,Ben,Lyndsey
    made a bakugan group callded the BakuGroup
    Brandons a Darkus type Ben is a haos,Lyndsey is also a haos
    (she has a crush on me

  55. Hey I have a team of twevle but I lost my gorem
    pyres:Dragonoid 530gs,Griffen 370gs,gorem I dont now its gs
    (lost it)
    aqus:Deltadragonoid 550,preyus 520 gs
    ventes:dragoniod 400 gs,stinglash 510gs,falconeer 490 gs
    subterra:Hydronoid 550 gs
    darkus:Serpentnoid 400 gs
    haos:Griphen 250gs,Saurus 410gs

  56. Hey I have three dragonoids
    pyres,ventes,and a evold aquos

  57. gggggggggggoooooooooooooo ssssssseeeeeeeeeerrrpppooonnnnnnoooooooiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddd

  58. Hi does any one know if the have a pyras robotallien on ebay i cant find them in any store

  59. i’ll only let you know my most powerful three.
    clear dragonoid …. 460g
    blade tigrera …. 530g
    delta dragonoid …. 530g

  60. I have one bakugan, it is stingslash with 470g.

  61. hey my bakugan team is:
    Darkus Seige 440g
    Darkus Tuskor 600g
    Darkus Saurus 450g

  62. I have a special edition drago and it is haos

  63. I have a
    Pyrus Warius (650Gs)
    Ventus Blade Tigrera(450Gs)
    Aquos Diablo Preyas (610Gs)
    Haos Hammer Gorem (530Gs)
    Darkess Ravenoid (500Gs)
    Darkess Wormquake (400Gs)
    I cant start a battle because i dont have 3 of 1 attribute

  64. i got 2 rar- ish 1ns and a few others,
    ventus limulus
    haos lazerman
    pyrus warrius
    sub-terra preyas 2, the diablo form
    pyrus falconeer
    ventus blade tigrerra
    is it cheeting if you get pics of abbility cards and put them in battle?

  65. i have aquos diablo preyas,haos hammer gorem and darkus wormquake

  66. i have aquos diablo preyas 610 ,haos hammer gorem 530g and darkus wormquake 400g

  67. my team is:
    Darkus Laserman 390g
    Haos Saurus 630g
    Aquas Drago 300g

  68. I have a ventes sting lash a ventes ravanoid and a ventes blade tigrarra im a ventes player.

  69. how many g’s does an aquas saurus have cause i cant find where the g’s are listed?

  70. I have sooo many Bakugan that I can’t desribe them all. So, I will tell you my favorites.
    Darkus Alpha Hydranoid(named Hydra)
    Darkus Dragonoid (named Rave)
    Haos Delta Dragonoid II (named Delta)
    Darkus/Aquos Bakugan Trap (named Traphole)

  71. blahblah

  72. Hiya! I’m kind of a noob and have never been in an actual battle before but I have lots of cool bakugan, and for any one who’ll listen here they are: Haos tentaclear 280 g’s, darkus griffon 400 g’s, ventus El condor 520 g’s, subterra sirenoid 390 g’s, aquos clayf at 310 g’s and my fav pyrus dragoniod 400 g’s (clear).
    My dragonoid is HUGE!!! I named it Flames…

  73. …? anyone there?

  74. Yo! How ya doi’n today? I feel like CRAP! I wish someone with decent skills in Bakugan would challenge me… 😦

  75. I don’t have one but i’ll say it anyway

  76. I’m so lonely! Somebody talk to me!? Plz?

  77. … ;(
    Anyone there?

  78. hiyas… I’m beyond depressed and sad because three of the few bakugan I have dissapeared today…. My Darkus Griffon 400 G’s, My Ventus El Condor 520 G’s, and my Haos Tentaclear 280 g’s….. Now I only have three bakugan left. :_(

  79. OMG! I have a dual attribute NAGA! It’s attributes are Haos and Subterra! YAY ME!!!

  80. … ANY ONE?… Naga has 620 G’s… nobody is ever here… why…
    i came looking for other bakugan fans to talk to but nobody ever talks to me… 😦 😦 😦

  81. I Found my missing 3bakugan elcondor tentaclear an griffin!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  82. YO! I have two new bakugan! Pyrus fortres 520 g and ventus monarus 560 g! yayme!

  83. Hiyas it’s been a while and I’m doi’n this from my iPod but I got a lot of new bakugan! One is haos rattliod (sry about spelling) with 610 gs. Next is pyrus terrorclaw 380gs, then there’s aquos storm skyress at 500 gs. AND! My bakugan trap Zoack. He’s subterra and ventus! Yame!!!

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