The Game

This page has and will teach you everything you need to know about playing bakugan the game. There are two types of games-        



 Speed Play

 1. Put one card down in the center of you and your opponent.

 2. Take turns shooting bakugans at the card.

3. When any two bakugans “STAND” on a card they do battle.

4. The first thing you do in a battle is compare your G power which you can find on your bakugan.

a. Then flip the card over and look at the left side of it. there are number, but if you look behind the numbers there is signs that stand for all the elements. If it says – something on your bakugans element then it would get minus that G power. If it says a number without the – then it is a G power boost. 

b. Then you compare the G power for a second time.

5.  The highest G power wins (unless the card says something else)

6. The winner captures the card and the bakugan. (Optional) 


I will post arena play tommorow 



23 Responses to “The Game”

  1. i want to play somebody online that is here.. ps: MILK!!

  2. Milk rocks!

  3. i hate milk as long as its chocolate

  4. thank for the rules but who throws the card down?

  5. switch off

  6. i hate milk

  7. i hate milk 2 and i want to play online 2

  8. sounds fun

  9. i want to join and my charter looks like dan

  10. same as adam

  11. everyone likes chocolate milk

  12. what the fuckin shit

  13. i want to battle someone

  14. what

  15. bsfgieruigfr46ty7uiuytrewqwerftgyhuikl

  16. i hate milk to

  17. i love bagugon so much

  18. why are you talking about milk
    you are supposed to be talking about BAKUGAN!!!!!!

  19. is there any bakugan in guam cuz i am a fan of bakugan.

  20. has anyone actually been able to play a proper online version of this game
    i havent found anyway to atm

  21. double hydronoid rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. i love them sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh

  23. I’m totally obsessed with bakugan! I love it! it’s the best thing EVER!!!!

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