Season one

# Title Original airdate
1 “Bakugan: The Battle Begins”(龍の戦士)  February 242008
2 “Masquerade Ball”(嵐を呼ぶ男)  February 242008
It appears that there is a gifted mysterious Bakugan Player named Masquerade that has been stealing kids’ Bakugans. Once Dan heard about it from his friends on the web he challenged Masquerade to a brawl. He lost twice, and if he loses again, Drago will be lost forever! 
3 “A Feud Between Friends”(勝手にしやがれ)  March 82008
Dan got a challenge to a brawl from the boy named Rikimaru who is blinded by Masquerade, and in the end Dan gets fustrated with Drago and throws him into a river. 
4 “Dan & Drago”(赤い絆)  March 152008
Dan yells at his classmate Ryo causing him to drop his portable computer. Dan never did touch the computer, but everyone is blaming him for it. Masquerade takes advantage of Ryo’s hurt feelings and convinces him to challenge Dan to a battle.Dan loses the first time, then he looks for drago,finds him and beats Ryo. 
5 “Runo Rules”(憎いあンちくしょう)  March 222008
Runo and Dan get to meet for the first time just by accident and Dan droped his Baku-pod. But he didn’t know that Masquerade challenged Dan to a brawl! So Runo took his place in a battle. When she came to the place she ran into a boy named Tatsuya who was convinced by Masquerade to do the dirty job. In the end Tatsuya looses to Runo. 
6 “A Combination Battle”(タイガー&ドラゴン)  March 292008
In the amusement park Dan and Runo were called to a stage where Kenta and Kenji the two act performers told them to pick a card. Dan made a bad choise by picking up a Doom Card! After that Kenta and Kenji challenged Dan and Runo to a battle and they can’t decide who should go! Then two brothers said that they can have a Combination Battle 2 vs. 2. They agreed and the battle is on. And luckily Kenta and Kenji blinded by Masquerade lost. 
7 “Bakugan Idol”(カメレオンアーミー)  7/30/07
Marucho has secretly moved into Dans neighborhood and finnally met a talking Bakugan. It was Aquos Preyas. And that’s not all, also two stars Jenny and Jewls Super Sync Sound challenged Dan and Marucho to a brawl. 
8 “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”(美・サイレント)  8/4/07
Once Dan and Marucho realize that Jenny and Jewls are Masquerade’s pupets, they get mad and defeat the stars 
9 “Fight Or Flight!”(愛という名のもとに)  8/9/07
Alice comes to the brawlers area. Later two boys Kosuki and Takashi challenge Runo and Marucho to a brawl because if they defeat them Masquerade will reunite their friend Miu with her brother Makoto. 
10 “A Perfect Match”(同じ月を見ていた) 
11 “Grandpa’s Got A Brand New Bakugan”(風の中の少年) 
12 “Bakugan Stall”(時間よ止まれ) 
13 “Just For The Shun Of It”(情熱の嵐) 
Dan takes on Masquerade and Shun. Drago was going to be sent to the doom dimension when Shun blocks the attack. Then Shun and Dan team up on Masquerade.They win. After Dan and Shun battle, Dan lost. 
14 “The Story Of Vestroia”(真夏の夜の夢) 
15 “A Duel in the Desert”(ハッとして!Good) 
In this episode the brawlers finally meet Julie, but there happy moment soon goes into darkness when the see what is happening in Vestroia. Julie and Shun have a battle with Julie’s friend Billy, the 9th Ranked Bakugan player and her neighbour Komba, the 5th Ranked Bakugan player knowing that they were hired by Masquerade to finish off Dan and his friends. Will Julie be able to fight her friend? 
16 “No Guts No Glory”(ガッツだぜ!!) 
Julie fights with the sadness caused by the bitter betrayal of her childhood friend, Billy. At the same time, Julie and the other Brawlers must show their support for Dan as he accepts a challenge from the 3rd Ranked Bakugan Brawler Chan Lee. Will Dan come out on top, or will Drago slip into the Doom Dimension? 
17 “BFF Best Friends Forever”(君といつまでも)  10/28/07
The Brawlers have hit a dead end in their search for their Infinity Core. Having great suspicions that their website organizer WebMaster Joe might be giving out their location, they decided to risk broadcasting their search for the Infinity Core. The next day, 2nd Ranked Bakugan player Klaus Von Herzen invites them to Germany claiming he has information. Marucho and Preyas are pumped up and accept a challenge from Klaus knowing that he is working for Masquerade. Can Marucho prove his skills, or will Preyas be sent to the Doom Dimension? 
18 “Evolution Revolution”(フラッシュ!」)  11/04/07
After losing his best friend to Klaus, Marucho pleads to Klaus for the return of his beloved Preyas. In a desperate attempt to get Preyas back, Marucho and Runo run through a portal, chasing after Klaus and entering inside Masquerade’s evil lair. Inside Masquerade’s castle, they learn about Bakugan evolution, the miracle of power increase. The brawlers soon find out that the person who holds the Infinity Core will possess the Ultimate Bakugan. Just when they think it’s strange enough, Julio Santana, master of the Haos attribute and 4th ranked Bakugan Player in the world challenges them. Dan surprisingly joins in the battle alongside with Runo. Can Dan and Runo defeat Julio’s trump combination with his Tentaclear or will their Bakugan bow down before Masquerade’s evil powers? 
19 “Julie Plays “Hard Brawl””(想い出ぼろぼろ)  11/11/07
Marucho is still mourning over the lost of his Preyas as the Brawlers go their separate ways after an unexpected quarrel. Julie is still trying her best to get her childhood friend, Billy back to his senses. Dan and Julie soon return to Germany after discovering the location of Billy. In a rematch between Billy and Julie, their friendship is tested to its limits as Masquerade joins in, poisoning Billy’s mind with false thoughts. Will Julie be able to help Billy overcome Masquerade’s control or will Billy recklessly defeat Julie once again? 
20 “A Little Help from my Friends”(明日は明日の風が吹く)  11/18/07
A fight breaks up Shun from the group of Battle Brawlers. As Alice chases after Shun to remind him of his friends, Dan is only thinking about himself, taking down Masquerade. Shun and Alice soon meet up with Komba once again for a brawl. In this rematch with Komba, Shun must learn to depend on his friends or end up as bratty as Komba. Can Shun overcome this obstacle or will he lose to Komba’s Ultimate Bakugan, Harpus? 
21 “My Good Friend”(我が良き友よ)  11/25/07
Klaus, Chan-Lee, and Julio have returned to finish off the Brawlers. This time, Dan, Runo, and Marucho must take them on. However, during their battle, Preyas makes an unexpected appearance… in Klaus’ hands! Can Marucho overcome the betrayal of Preyas? Will he try to get Preyas back? Or will he lose to Klaus again! As well, after their previous fight, the Brawlers are still selfishly brawling for their own motives. Can they work together? Or will they be beat one-by-one! 
22 “Drago’s On Fire”(陽はまた昇る)  12/02/07
The battle between Dan, Runo, Marucho and Klaus, Chan-Lee, Julio heats up as neither side is willing to give up. With the brawlers at a huge Bakugan disadvantage, can they catch up? But, Marucho is finally back in the game with the return of his beloved Preyas. Can he bring up their team work? With Drago on the verge of evolving, they just might have a chance against Klaus, Chan-Lee, and Julio. 
23 “Say It Ain’t So Joe”(内気なあいつ)  12/03/07
The brawlers track down Webmaster Joe, they soon find out that he’s in a nearby hospital. Once they get to the hospital, Dan charges into an elevator but is automatically pushed out. But as he was being pushed out, Drago fell out of Dan’s pocket and fell into the elevator as soon as it closed! Dan gets lost looking for Drago and thats when the brawlers look for him, but all they find is a boy in hospital clothes, but it turns out that the kid was Webmaster Joe! But as Dan continues with his search for Drago, Webmaster Joe appears with Drago on his shoulder. Dan immediately challenges Joe to a battle, thinking that Joe was working for Masquerade also because he thought Joe stole Drago. They go to the hospital roof to battle but during the middle of the battle, Joe faints and is immediately brought to his hospital room. Later on Joe wakes up and asks to be on Dan’s team of brawlers, the brawlers gladly accept. 
24 “The Secrets of Success”(年下の男の子)  12/04/07
Alice, helps a seven-year-old boy named Christopher defeat his rival Travis. 
25 “Trust Me”(ハートのエースが出てこない)  12/05/07
The brawlers have reason to believe that one of them is working for Masquerade. As Dan and Runo follow Alice for questioning, Julie is following Shun around who is mysteriously taking his grandpa for a visit of the city. Is there really a spy among them or it is just a lie. Can they trust Joe’s information? 
26 “Doom Dimension or Bust”(バラードのように眠れ)  12/06/07
The brawlers are now preparing to confront Masquerade in one last battle. However, Masquerade is well prepared. After defeating every one of the top Bakugan players, Klaus Von Herzon, Chan Lee, Julio Santana, Komba O’Charlie, and Billy Gilbert, his Hydranoid had evolved! The last hope against Masquerade’s evil Hydranoid resides within the brawlers. Can they win? With one final line, “I’m coming for you brawlers!”, this concludes the first season of Bakugan. 

[edit]Season two

# Title Original airdate
27 “Show Down”  3/09/08
Masquerade challenges Dan to a brawl. Dan fights him with his evolved Drago and realizes that Masquerade’s Hydranoid has evolved, too. With one last blow Drago is sent to the Doom Dimension and Dan follows Drago in. 
28 “The Brawlers Last Stand”  3/17/08
The brawlers mourn over the loss of Dan and Drago. However, they have a plan. To go in the Doom Dimension after Dan by facing Masquerade head on. 
In the Doom Dimension, the Element Lords prepare to test the powers of the brawlers, seeing if they are worthy enough to save Vestroia. The brawlers are separated. Julie is left with Gorem to face the Subterra Lord and a shadow of her sister. At the last moments, Gorem evolves into Hammer Gorem. Can the evolved Gorem match up to the power of the Subterra Lord? 
Marucho is stuck with Preyas to face the Aquos Lord, a giant toad and a shadow of himself, conjured up by the Aquos Lord. Under great pressure, Preyas reproduses some help, Angel/Diablo Preyas! Another version of himself that can change between angel and devil, Haos and Pyrus! Can this new found energy prove enough to defeat the Aquos Lord? 
Shun is stuck with Ventus Lord when Skyress is about to faint, but at the last moment Skyress evolves into Zephros Storm Phoenix and defeats Ventus Lord with his newly evolved Skyress. 
This episode now focuses on Runo battling the Haos Lord. Runo also has difficulty beating 1 of the Elemental Lords. But during the battle, Runo’s Tigrerra evolves! And with the help of her evolved Tigrerra, Runo was able to beat the Haos Lord. 
Dan is the last one to battle. He battles the Pyrus lord. 
Joe fights Masquerade and wins. 
Dan wants to prove that he’s the best, then he battles Julie,Marucho and Runo and he wins. 
coming soon 

dan battles shun while masquerade battles alice. drago

evolves again and hydranoid evolves again also. 


Dan battles Masquerade and wins,masquerade is found

out to be alice. 


the battle brawlers have a holographic chat with


coming soon 
coming soon 
coming soon 
coming soon 
Opening theme
Ending theme
  • “Air Drive” by ELEPHANT GIRL
  • “Hello (ハロー)” by Yoshihito Onda & Za-bon


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