Hey, this is Lightnin- There are different types of classes in the Bakugan world. There is the Robotalian, Serpenoid, Dragonoid, Falconeer, Fear Ripper, Juggernoid, Reaper, and Saurus class.


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  1. how can i tell which bakugan i have n wut stats he has!!

  2. Hey Bakugannoob. I am Lipinco. So, to tell what type of Bakugan you have, just look at the colors.
    Red and Orange=pyrus
    Light green=ventus
    Black and Purple=Darkus
    Light Brown=sub-terra
    any combonation of the six may mean Preyas

    Well that’s part one. Part two is coming up.
    If you look around on your Bakugan you will eventually find a little number. That number is your G power (attack power) for that bakugan.

    If you don’t know how to use your G power in the game, I suggest you look at the page titled: “The Game”
    That is all. Please continue to comment on this, Soon-to-be famous site!

  3. hey bakugannoob, this is lightnin, and this is a very important question. Do you have any preyas? This is a very important question.

    What element is it?
    What elements can it switch into?

  4. i have two pyrusand they cant turn into anything.

  5. hey Michael, there is three things that you need to learn.

    1. Bakugan don’t turn into anything, if they did they wouldn’t be turning into something, they would just be switching attributes.

    2. Not all bakugan switch attributes

    3. the ones that do are called Preyas

  6. He is right. Like my preyas, Predator

  7. Are the dragonoids hard to find?

  8. is a clear ventus fear ripper rare?

  9. also dragonoids arent too rare but they are still pretty hard to find

  10. dragonoids ar not dat hard 2 find

  11. i hav a darkus drago,skyress,and juggernoid plus a clear ventus fear ripper. any of em rare?

  12. hola this here is me noobtard.i hav a question.Where can i get an evolved dragonoid?

  13. Are all Ravenoids the same as Skyress?/ Are Ravenoids rare?
    I have no clue b/c I haven’t bought any of this yet…

  14. My favorite atribute is ventus and i have a ventus, preyas, ventuz skyress, ventuz fear reaper, ventuz falconeer, ventuz tigrerra, ventuz gorem, and ventuz butterfly, ventuz juggernoid, ventuz dragoniod, ventuz robotalian, ventuz reaper, and ventuz saurus

  15. I have a Aquos Saurus, but I can’t find the G power. Are G powers located in the same place?

  16. Please respond soon. I can’t Brawl without knowing.

  17. Check under the thing that looks like a wing

  18. I have this Bakugan I got from a booster pack and it came with a Saurus card, but it isn’t a Saurus. It looks kinda like a dragonoid, but it has a hood like a cobra,its horn is farther on its head and faceing in the oppisite direction, and it has arms with claws and it doesn’t have claws on its wings.

  19. Where would I find the G power on the Bakugan I described above?
    Please respond soon.

  20. Is it me or is the time on this forum wrong?

  21. lightnin, how do you know all this stuff?

  22. I have 2 evolved dragonoids, lipinco has 1.

    Zatch, lipinco, and I all know “this stuff”

  23. I have 2 evolved dragonoids, lipinco has 1.

    Zatch, lipinco, and I all know “this stuff”

  24. Where did you three learn it though?
    Is the bakugan I asked about a evolved dragonoid?

  25. I would like to make a friend. Anyone want to be friends?

  26. If I told you it was an evolved dragonoid YEAH it was a dragonoid.
    Or did you think I said something else, like an revolved poopinoid?

  27. haha, that was just a joke.

  28. It was an evolved dragonoid. But you have to admit poopinoid was funny

  29. yes, i must admit it was. am i the only one on this blog?

  30. do you have any suggestions where i could find the G power because i have looked everywhere and i still can’t find it. its driving me crazy!

  31. look at the front bottom, but not the bottom bottom the flat side bottom

  32. uuuh, what?

  33. there is a metal band around the middle. is that what you mean?

  34. is it possible that my bakugan doesn’t have a G power? maybe i should just say that it is 400 Gs? is that allowed?

  35. Yes the band around the middle. look above on the flat part in the front.

  36. thank you. i finally found bakugan has 450 Gs.

  37. is everyone not here because of charater month?

  38. No, but you just happen to be here when noone else is!

  39. well,where is everyone? are you mad at me or something?

  40. i think i ask to many questions.

  41. can you make me a bakugan battle brawlers

  42. il be your freind aquasgem1

  43. im here

  44. i have a white tigres

  45. Hay G power is sometimes under a little grey sticker!!

  46. I am sorta new to bakugan but i sorta understand some of the tricks. but like how do you come up with good sratageses?

  47. im new 2 the game whats up with the clear bakugan

  48. They are more rare then the others. If you have one, that’s awsome, good for you!

  49. I am getting a white chrome dragonoid is it rare?

  50. The whole chrome thing? I don’t know. But white probably mean it’s Haos. I have a delta dragonoid Haos, so it’s almost the same.

  51. hay i going to get a chrome evolved drago soon. o yea have you ever heard of the special red 560g bakugan i think thats Naga my drago is 520gs cool huh

  52. hey i have this red bakugan with 500gs he has a little green face and like a tail in the back and in the front and on its side part of it comes out. is this an evolved bakugan and what is its name?

  53. hey todays the 20 not the 19 and the times wrong

  54. hey i have this card that is called card force and it says the g-power bonus is raised by 50 for each ability card in a used pile when this gate card is revealed. what does that mean?

  55. hey im new to bakugan and i have a clear laserman a centeploid and a reaper theyre gs are 400 350 300 are they any good

  56. hey I’m new to Bakugan. I just purchased 8 Bakugan today…4 black and 4 red. the strongest one I got was, like yugi 108, a red 520g Dragonoid. is that any good? and could you tell through the package if there is an evolved or clear Bakugan in there before purchasing it?

  57. yay! just purchased another starter set of 3… a blue one, and I got a clear Bakugan 😀

  58. is pyrus dragos power 520gs?

  59. ive takin a strange likening to sarus idk y

  60. i just got a darcus hydronoid with 580g and a ventus skyress with 540g yesterday ia special attack pack.

  61. i have a evolved drago (560g) and a darkus manion (630g) beat that

  62. Mjjggt its so rare U BARELY SEE IT IN STOERS! i got a Naga two weeks ago. My powerfulest is a terrorclaw with 560g’s! my friend has a CHROME EVOLVED DRAGONOID (RED) WITH 7000G’S. IM SO NOT KIDDIN.

  63. Hey my friend has a white Delta Dragonoid (560g) and it has the Pyrus symbol on it but it is white. Can somebody explain why?

  64. Why it’s white and not red.

  65. who wants to battle me on this website

  66. who has a chrome evolved dragonoid ANYONE ANYYYONE. well if ya do i will trade u my terror claw with ur chrome evolved drago if ya do come tell me! please contact me if ya do. SEEYA L8R

  67. this is some neat stuff you guys are talking about i bought my bakugon just 2 days ago i have 2 dragos one is ventus and is clear and another is a pyrus i love bakugon its so cool but my card suck like hellllllllllllllllllllll

  68. do you guys know how to get a metal bakugon its been on my mind they look so cool

  69. yo here what type of bakugon atributes do you use i only use pyrus and ventus there my favorite

  70. i have 2 bakugan and and i cant find my g power on it, and i also dont know the name. 1 Of them has like 1 armor with like a shield facing up, and other one on other side, like a claw, and also with a head the looks like a Megazord from power rangers. it is pyrus. The other one is a real mystery, it has like 2 wings coming up, and a lion head, and its color is light blue with brown stripes. if you know the name and/or g power, please post

  71. please make me one thou i haveint register yet but when i do it please do it.

  72. My son has a aquos mantras and we can’t find the G power number anywhere. I have used a magnifying glass and still can’t find it. Can anyone tell me what the G power is or where we can find the number?

  73. Can someone tell me please what class/animal breed thingmabob my new one is? I know it is Darkus type. It has a slanted/curved head w/ red eyes, and slope-shaped tail with reatractable stinger.
    It’s got 380g and no feet.

  74. w00t! i just played my brother and won badly. The last battle between his pyrus gorum, and my darkus saurus, i won. The gate card happened to be a saurus character card ( i dont have ay real cards, only charcter cards) and i got my darkus saurus to 850 gpower

  75. anything good is hard to find is stores now!

  76. i am ??????????. i am the darkest of the darkus users. im in search of the best of each type. who among you think you are the brawlers that fit the profile.

  77. yo peeps i just wanted to know this
    I live in holmes county ohio and my mom mostly does here christmas shopping at walmart, i was wondering if at my wal mart what the cheapest bakugan pack is i’m hoping that they get a sshipment of them around x-mas time cause last time i went they had none and i didnt ask if they ever would…anywho im thinking like 5 bucks for 2 but i almost sure it is like 10 bucks so it is like way expensive for a little plastic ball essentially….

  78. what does red and gold mean?

  79. i just got a bunch of big brawlers for my son… unreal how hard they are to find!!!! I just read all these comments and now trying to figure out if I got him anything good?!!!!

  80. hi guys, i have a dragonoid but it does not haave any g-power. is this possible?

  81. ive got an evolved drago 550gs and a skyress 510gs

  82. Hi this website rocks. so i want a black and white siege.
    And Dan with red and black

  83. I bought a bakugan the other day and it was on of the lendary bakuan from the doom demntion and it didnt have any G power on it. The only thing I found was an MP. What does MP stand for and why dont my new bakugan have any Gs on it?

  84. hey i have haos tigrara haos blade tigrara and aquas serinoide im the best i have all 6 types of bakugan i hate doom cards no 1 has ever beaten me in a brawl. MY NAME IS BAKUGAN BECAUSE I AM THE QUEEN OF ALL BAKUGAN!!!!!!!!!!!11

  85. hey matt. u might have a gorm and a tigrara.

  86. for the haos color, do u mean white or gray cause i have a gray blade tigrerra

  87. Anyone who thinks their Bakugan is awesomely strong, get a load of my Oberus at 670 G’s!!!!!!! HA HA HA!

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